PharmML stands for Pharmacometrics Markup Language, a standard for encoding of models, associated tasks and their annotation as used in pharmacometrics.

The current version supports non-linear mixed effect models as used in analysis of continuous longitudinal population PK/PD data with

  • Structural model defined as a system of ordinary differential equation (ODE), delay differential equation (DDE) and/or algebraic equations.
  • PK macros offering an equation-free encoding of compartmental PK models.
  • Discrete model support for count, categorical and time-to-event data.
  • A flexible parameter model allowing for implementation of virtually any parameter type used in the majority of models.
  • Discrete or continuous covariates.
  • A nested hierarchical variability model capable of expressing very complex random error structures.
  • An observation model with flexible residual error model supporting untransformed or transformed data.
  • A novel trial design model allowing for 
    • definition of many common design and drug administration types 
    • encoding of experimental data needed for typical simulation or estimation tasks, such as dosing, observations and covariates.
  • Typical modelling steps such as estimation or simulation.
  • Support for standard NONMEM/Monolix datasets.
For a detailed description please see the specification document you will find in DOCUMENTATION page.

The language is under active development. Few features are still missing, for example 

  • Bayesian inference methods
  • Optimal design
This release is intended to gather early feedback both from users and software developers outside of the DDMoRe consortium. Feedback will be collected via mailing lists or our discussion FORUM.

Content (please go to DOCUMENTATION or DOWNLOADS):

  1. Specification document containing the mathematical description of the underlying non-linear mixed effect models (NLME), technical chapter on the key concepts and constructs of the language, worked examples and schema description.
  2. XML Schema definition files - as zipped archive.
  3. UncertML Schema definition files - as zipped archive. 
  4. Seven detailed documented (and 36 additional)  examples of PharmML encoded models and according simulation/estimation tasks - as zipped archive.