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PharmML 0.9 is out!

posted Jul 22, 2016, 5:54 AM by Maciek J Swat
New in this version:
  1. Mixture models 
    • mixtures of distributions
    • mixtures of structural models (wsmm, bsmm)
  2. New DE notation - encodable are ODEs, DDEs & PDEs with boundary and initial conditions
  3. Autocorrelation models of residual errors
  4. BoxCox2 & user-defined transformations
  5. User-defined distributions
  6. Updated covariates, occasions and design spaces handling in TD
  7. Exclusion and inclusion criteria for covariates
  8. Categorical covariates building (clustering)
  9. Observation model extensions - multiple models and models in conditionals permitted
  10. Tool-specific settings support
  11. Other minor extensions and changes
See for details the attached spec document.
New ProbOnto 2.0 schema for PharmML has been released separately